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Professional Service, Satisfaction Guaranteed

We began solely as a property maintenance company and it is the heart of our business. Over the years we have always made customer satisfaction our #1 goal as we strive for excellence in everything we do. It is the relationships that we have built while serving our customers that directly attribute to our success today. Choose Kut and Kill for your property maintenance and you can expect outstanding customer service backed by professional grade work.


lawn aeration service


Keep your lawn healthy

  • Cycles nutrients

  • Replenishes soil

  • Great time to overseed

Optional -

  • Overseeding

Recommended Annually

     - Early Spring or Late Fall

power rake lawn care service.jpg


Remove Thatch

Includes -

  • Haul out of material

  • (1) Lawn Mowing Service

Recommended as needed in early spring or fall for lawns with heavy thatch. Thatch is caused by the build-up of loose grass clippings and can be prevented by aerating your lawn annually.

Gardening Shears fall pruning


Vegetation Control

Includes -

  • Plants

  • Shrubs

  • Decorative Grasses

  • Haul out of material

Recommended Annually - Late Fall

Logger cutting wood with chainsaw


Remove Overgrowth

Includes -

  • Haul out of material

Optional -

  • Stump grinding

Tree trimming is recommended every other year to prevent overgrowth and meet city ordinances.

Raking Grass fall spring clean up


Save your time

Includes -

  • Blow-out landscaping

  • Leaf raking and removal

  • (1) Lawn Mowing Service

  • Haul out of material

Recommended Twice Per Year

     - Early Spring and Late Fall

lawn irrigation sprinkler head.jpg


Protect your investment

Start-up service recommended early spring

Includes -

  • Activation and setup

  • Full system inspection

Winterization recommended late fall

Includes -

  • system shut down

  • evacuate water from system to prevent damage due to freezing

Lawn Mower mowing kut and kill sod


Weekly Service

Includes -

  • Trimming around edges/obstacles

  • Bagging and removal of clippings

Recommended weekly throughout the spring, summer and fall

Pest Control


Kill the bugs and keep them out

We have a wide variety of options available, when it comes to pest control give us a call!

  • Interior and/or Exterior service

Recommended 3x per year or as needed

Residential and Commercial Lawn Mowing Services


Everyone knows that a good landscaping job starts with a good mow. Our lawn mowing services at Kut and Kill of Sioux Falls promises to give our customers nothing but the best when it comes to these basic services. Every lawn mowing job is completed not only with a basic mow but we will make sure to trim around obstacles and blow clippings off sidewalks and driveways.

Mowing your lawn early and often is not only good for aesthetics but can be beneficial to the health of your lawn as well. Wondering when to mow your lawn or schedule someone to come out? It doesn't really matter how often you mow but how long your grass is. If you are in a drier season and your grass is not growing as quickly you can your schedule or even skip weeks if you think it does not need to be cut.

Pest and Rodent Control


Not only are we a premier landscaping company but we are the leading Sioux Falls, SD provider of pest and rodent control

When it comes to keeping your lawn healthy and green one of the main issues can be unwanted pests. Bugs and rodents can take a toll on your lawn. Not only do they affect the look of your lawn but they can cause some serious damage underneath the soil. At Kut and Kill we have what it takes to treat, prevent and restore your lawn back to what it was before.

Call us today to have someone asses your problem! We provide free estimates and extensive solutions to make sure that these issues are resolved immediately.

"Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."

                                                                             — John W. Gardner

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